Elections for your 2023-2024 Board have begun!

Elected positions available:

  • President Elect: Three year term (as President-Elect, President, and Past President). Responsible for scheduling member meetings, obtaining speakers and sponsors for meetings, and organizing CEUs.  
  • CPI Chair Elect: Two year term (as CPI Chair-Elect then CPI Chair). Serves under the CPI Chair and completes assigned tasks such as coordinating updates on JCAHO, Medicare, TennCare, etc. and coordinating requests from the public for speakers.
  • Nominating Committee Chair Elect: Two year term (as Nominating Committee Chair-Elect then Nominating Committee Chair). Serves under the Nominating Committee Chair to help with the NAND board election.
  • Secretary: One year term. Records all minutes of the board and membership meetings, maintains NAND’s historical records, maintains the district’s bylaws, and sends quarterly email newsletters to members. 
  • Student Member: One year term. Acts as a liaison between the NAND board and the NAND’s student membership, helps recruit student members to NAND, and completes tasks as assigned by President-Elect and Awards/Scholarship Chair.
  • Treasurer: Two year term.He or she files income taxes, reports the total assets and total current liabilities as well as revenue from membership dues and fundraisers, prepares the annual budget for board approval, and handles reimbursements.

Further descriptions for all positions can be found under the “About Us” section.

Please contact Lauren Bradford at Lauren.d.bradford@gmail.com if interested! 

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